PHOTOS: #ThrowbackThursday - David Tennant In Einstein And Eddington

The 2008 BBC Two / HBO drama starred David Tennant as Arthur Eddington and Andy Serkis as Albert Einstein.

In the Spring of 1914, with Europe on the brink of war, no one had heard of an obscure German physicist called Albert Einstein. A British astronomer, Arthur Eddington, realised that Einstein’s theories could unlock whole new ways of thinking about time and space. Despite the danger of being labelled traitors, the two men began a unique correspondence. An eclipse in Africa provided an opportunity to prove Einstein’s theories to the world. Eddington, an unlikely hero, set out on a journey that would change people’s perceptions of the universe forever.

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Sometimes I get this sense of deja-vu, as though the life I’m living isn’t my real life.

I’ll be standing in a parking lot or waiting in line somewhere, and I wonder if I used to know the Doctor. Maybe we used to travel together, having adventures and saving the universe, but he had to wipe my memories to save my life, just like Donna.

Then I remember what the Doctor said: “People think their memories are bad, but their memories are fine. The past is really like that.” And I know it’s true.

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