Got the option of two prompts from roseoswiins and I chose this one: Twelve considering Clara leaving as he watches her sleep on the beach.


I don’t know why I feel so intimidated trying to write Twelve.

Title: Departure

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Beautiful slice of Twelve’s thoughts while Clara sleeps on the beach. Read immediately if not sooner.

Peter (Capaldi) makes me laugh a lot because he’s always getting lost, so you can’t keep your eyes off him for two minutes or else he goes off for a wander and also on set, part of the runner’s job is to keep their eyes on us so they know where in the building Peter and I are at any one time so it’s a fun game to try and lose them and run away. And also, I learn’t you can hide in a Dalek which no-one ever thinks to look in so that’s a fun game.
Jenna Coleman talking about the fun of working on Doctor Who with Peter (via kitt66)